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Apocalypse Series AP-12D

Apocalypse Series AP-12D


The Apocalypse Series not only stands out from the crowd ... Every model comes loaded with standard features like bolt-down spider, high-energy magnetic flux and self-cooling technologies. Each sub is geared toward competitors competing in stock vehicles in USACi. NSPL, MECA, EMMA, Db Drag Street A, B, C & Max.

  • 12" Subwoofer Features:

    SPL Competition Models: 1500.WATT -  5000.WATT. Cast Aluminum Basket, Double stacked magnet. Long excursion 2-1/2 inch high temp voice coil.


    1. Organic long fiber non-pressed cone body for accurate tight bass
    2. Highly damped Kevlar reinforced cone body
    3. Extended neck joints on cone, coil and spider strengthen the integrity of moving structure for high power capacity
    4. Layer surround for strong due high excursion
    5. Vented coil for extra heat dissipation
    6. The lowest carbon 1005 steel used for motor design
    7. Size of 2-1/2 inch high temp aluminum voice coil
    8. Size of 2-1/2 inch long excursion motor structure


    *Reinforced resin impregnated poly-cotton spider extend the life span of the speaker from material fatigue and collapse.
    *Integrated heavy duty lead wire on spider prevent short circuit and melt down.

  • More Information:

    The Apocalypse series is an excellent choice for a competitor! For making a statement, we started with long fiber non pressed cone body, this incredible cone material with highly damped Kevlar reinforced cone body, allow the reproduction of the accurate tight bass With extended neck joints on cone, coil and spider, this unique innovation strengthen the integrity of moving structure at high power without failure or melt down.


    Atomic VMG technology applied to each subs, this proprietary innovation is the most efficient way you subs can possible dissipate the heat. The cooler voice coil, magnetic structure, the more stable control of the excursion. Hence the reproduction the music with accuracy. with the extended, machined cut, single forged back plate, allow the magnetic flux flow easily without loss, which make the extra long excursion possible. heavy gauge integrated lead wire on spider, short circuit and melt down between the lead wire is prevented. Bolt-down the spider instead of gluing, this mechanical joint will ensure the spider from lifting. Another innovation by Atomic proprietary damper material restores and re-balancing its excursion linearity through out the entire Atomic subs, only the lowest carbon 1005 steel were used to its motor design, high carbon content is an obstacle for magnetic flow. double stacked high energy magnet design and 2-1/2 inch long excursion motor structure.