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Extinction L.E. Series ELE-10D

Extinction L.E. Series ELE-10D


This is the high-end sports car approach to the audio. Sound in the extreme. This E.L.E. series represents the ultimate expression of Atomic design philosophy, embodying, ideas and innovations which transcend present limitations on the path towards that elusive goal: perfection in the reproduction of sound.

  • 10" Extreme SPL Subwoofer Features:

    * EXTREME SPL competition woofer
    * High sensitivity, extreme efficient motor to ensure high SPL possible
    * Rigid Die cast aluminum basket
    * Organic long fiber non-pressed cone body for accurate tight bass
    * Highly damped Kevlar and carbon fiber reinforced cone body
    * Triple layers foam surround increase the power capacity of woofer
    * Extended neck joints on cone, coil and spider strengthen the integrity of moving structure for high power capacity
    * Compressed mounting ring gasket
    * Over sized lead wire stitched on the spider, conduct signal current with ease, minimum loss * Vented coil for extra heat dissipation
    * 3 inch high temp aluminum voice coil
    * Extended, machined cut one piece back plate
    * Powerful double stacked high and wide energy magnet
    * Over 2-1/2 inch long excursion motor structure
    * Reinforced resin impregnated polycotton spider extend the life span of the speaker from material fatigue and collapse.
    * Integrated heavy duty lead wire on spider prevent short circuit and melt down
    * Dome shape dust cap design
    * Low carbon front and back plate
    * Vented magnetic gap technology(VMG technology)
    * Laser etched, machined and chromed back plate
    * Handle up to 10,000Watts in 3 second short burps
    * Custom matching impedance to amplifiers


  • More Information:

    Extinction Level Event Series - ELE-10D

    Quick Specs

    RMS 1500-10.000.watt
    Extrem SPL subwoofer for expert competition
    High excursion with triple layer foam surround
    Double stack oversize magnet
    3' Heavy gauge high temp voice coil
    Flat wire use for extreme heat of voice coil
    Over 2-1/2 inch extreme long excursion motor structure